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         Ningbo jiangdong Anhang Marine & Shipping Technical Service CE. is professional to service all kinds of marine fire-controlling system 、 fire-fighting appliance and non-destructive test. In addition, there are plentiful marine fire-fighting and life-saving equipments for sale. We have well trained staff, advanced servicing equipment and abundant maritime appliances. We believe that we can meet the requirement of the owners and other customers with high quality in time.
The servicing for non-destructive test, fire-fighting appliances & fire-fighting system has been approved or accepted by Chinese Gov.& many other countries' classification society. We can supply servicing with valid certificate of CHINA MSA、CCS、DNV、ABS、NK、BV、LR、KR、GL etc.

          The business is increasing year by year. We've serviced for more than 5000 pcs vessel of fire-fighting equipment, non-destructive test &fire-fighting, lifesaving equipment supply. We've established stable cooperation ship with ship owners and shipyards of many countries.

    Regular output, timely service, persistent enterprise is the guidelines of the action.

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